3DR Labs Partners with Coreline Soft to Offer Coronary Artery Calcification Analysis Solution

Lousiville, KY – October 30, 2023 – 3DR Labs is proud to partner with Coreline Soft and offer AVIEW CAC. This artificial intelligence software quantifies coronary artery calcification and measures the risk of coronary artery disease.

With automatic segmentation of the heart and surrounding structures, AVIEW CAC can analyze calcium plaques with a 99.2% diagnostic accuracy on chest CT and heart images. This proprietary AI technology detects even the smallest lesions, helping with earlier detection. 

“Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of mortality worldwide,” said Dave Levine, VP/GM of 3DR Labs. “Our partnership with Coreline Soft gives radiologists, cardiologists, and clinicians, the confidence to more quickly and accurately detect cardiovascular disease, thereby shortening the gap in diagnostic communication with patients. Additionally, 3DR Labs’ expert radiologic technologists provide real intelligence to close the gap ensuring 100% quality. We are thrilled about this partnership with Coreline and the ability to offer this innovative solution to our clients.”

“Coreline Soft is at the forefront of reshaping medical imaging, with a strong focus on thoracic health. Our innovative solutions, ranging from Calcium Scoring to Lung Cancer Screening, are poised to transform radiology, enhancing precision and patient care. We’re thrilled to collaborate with 3DR labs, pushing the boundaries of thoracic health and setting new standards for radiological user improvement.”

About 3DR Labs
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, 3DR Labs, LLC, the largest 3D medical image post-processing lab in the U.S., provides 24/7/365 access to more than 200 expert radiologic technologists and to state-of-the-art imaging software. Founded in 2005, 3DR Labs provides services to over a thousand hospital imaging departments, stand-alone imaging centers, and radiology practices. Turnaround times for CT and MRI exams are guaranteed within hours or even minutes.

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About Coreline Soft
Coreline Soft is a leading AI solution company specializing in CT image analysis. The flagship software, AVIEW offers a range of innovative solutions for lung cancer screening and other pulmonary diseases. With global recognition and partnerships with prestigious medical institutions, Coreline Soft is revolutionizing the field of CT imaging, empowering medical professionals, and enhancing patient care worldwide.

Media Contact
Elizabeth Morgan
Marketing Manager
3DR Labs
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