3DR Labs Partners with Riverain Technologies to Offer AI Imaging Solution for Earlier Lung Disease Detection

LOUISVILLE, KY  – November 14, 2023 – 3DR Labs is proud to partner with Riverain Technologies to offer ClearRead™ CT with Clear Visual Intelligence, a workflow-friendly solution that gives clinicians an unimpaired view of the chest by suppressing vessels and machine noise. This AI-powered software enables radiologists to detect lung nodules of all types more quickly and accurately.

With the increasing volume and complexity of lung image interpretations, radiologists and radiologic technologists alike are experiencing an influx of caseloads and resource constraints.  

To this end, imaging departments rely on 3DR Labs’ more than 200 ARRT® certified and registered radiologic technologists* to alleviate staffing shortages and training concerns. Each year, 3DR Labs processes more than 500,000 patient cases per year, with lung CT exams representing thousands of these cases.

ClearRead consolidates hundreds of traditional CT images to create a secondary series that suppresses vessels and other normal structures in the lung. This suppressed series is available as a report within the existing 3DR workflow.

“Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.S., with more than 200,000 cases being diagnosed per year,” stated Dave Levine, VP/GM of 3DR Labs. “Therefore, diagnostic accuracy and efficiency is critical. Through our partnership with Riverain Technologies and its offering of ClearRead CT, we are proud to provide an unobstructed view of the lungs, enabling radiologists, pulmonologists, and clinicians with the certainty to make diagnoses more effectively and quickly.”

“Our partnership with 3DR Labs will provide expanded practitioner access to our Clear Visual Intelligence technology, easing the burden of increased workloads now faced by radiologists everywhere. This agreement translates to faster and more accurate reads and better outcomes for more patients,” said Steve Worrell, CEO, Riverain Technologies. “At Riverain Technologies, we’re on a mission to eliminate delayed cardiothoracic disease diagnoses. Our partnership with 3DR Labs takes us one step closer.”

To order ClearRead CT in your imaging department, please contact info@3drlabs.com.

To be eligible for Riverain, patients need to be 18 years or older and the slice thickness must be 3mm or less.

About 3DR Labs
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, 3DR Labs, LLC, the largest 3D medical image post-processing lab in the U.S., provides 24/7/365 access to more than 200 expert radiologic technologists and to state-of-the-art imaging software. Founded in 2005, 3DR Labs provides services to over a thousand hospital imaging departments, stand-alone imaging centers, and radiology practices. Turnaround times for CT and MRI exams are guaranteed within hours or even minutes.

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About Riverain
Riverain Technologies is on a mission to revolutionize radiology by eliminating delayed cardiothoracic disease diagnoses. Using a unique suppression technology, ClearRead solutions with CVI remove the interfering normal structures within the chest, like bones and vessels, and machine noise, which can compromise accurate and efficient diagnoses. This provides an unimpaired view that enables the radiologist to uniquely focus on the actionable data in chest imaging to precisely detect, characterize, and report findings to improve diagnostic accuracy and advance earlier intervention. For more information: https://www.riveraintech.com/.

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3DR Labs
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*3DR is an independent organization and is not authorized by, sponsored by, or affiliated with The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, which is the owner of the trademark ARRT.