Simple set up with zero costs

We do not charge to assist you in setting up the Virtual Private Network or adding additional devices to the tunnel. We don’t charge VPN tunnel maintenance fees. Each client provides the bandwidth it uses. 3DR provides a high bandwidth connection.

No hardware to buy or software to install

For a standard setup, you use your existing PACS and scanners. Your existing firewall or VPN appliance should be OK for supporting the VPN tunnel.

3DR does not require logins to your RIS, PACS, Active Directory, or any other systems in your site, and certainly doesn’t need administrator or root logins.

Setup Process

You’ll probably need to involve people from a few different departments at your facility to complete the set up process:

Your legal or contract administrative people will need to approve and sign a HIPAA Compliant HITECH Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Medical Imaging Services Agreement.

A PACS administrator can coordinate PACS and scanner configuration and help with testing.

Your IT or network administration team will need to be involved to set up the VPN tunnel. This can normally be accomplished through one or more telephone conversations with 3DR’s IT personnel.