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At Accumen, we provide strategic solutions, services and technology that deliver sustainable performance improvements in operations, clinical services, and data management. These offerings include lab and imaging transformation, consulting, supply chain optimization, lab outreach, patient blood utilization, test utilization, anemia management and clinical data exchange. Accumen’s offerings enable its clients to achieve and exceed their cost, quality, and service targets, as well as deliver excellent patient care through evidence-based data and clinical decision support capabilities.

We share the belief that performance matters. We are inspired to improve operational, clinical, and data performance across the healthcare industry because transformational change will make healthcare better for our clients, our communities and our families.

Our Mission

Profoundly Impacting Healthcare

Our Values

Our vision, mission, and values have guided us as we set out to transform healthcare.


Recognize and celebrate both individual and team success. Treat one another with respect and communicate openly.


Adhere to the highest ethical, compliance, and personal standards as the foundation of our business practices.


Foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. Take personal ownership to create employee, customer, community, and company success.


Attract and retain the top talent who aspire to be the best for every client and every employee, every day. Always strive to improve on yesterday’s successes. Create the standard of lab excellence.


Take personal initiative and have the courage to drive change. Motivate others with a clear vision of the possible.


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Our Results


$1B in lab spend under management


More than $90M in supply chain savings over 5 years


Reduction in blood acquisition costs

(Patient volume adjusted, single client, 3-year partnership)

Key Differentiators


Healthcare Focused

Multi-award-winning work culture garnered by our talented team members

Customizable Solutions

Our solutions are developed for each client based on their current need for improvement as determined through our Performance Assessment

Industry Benchmarks

On-demand access to 20+ years of benchmarking that allows for unique site and department performance comparisons

Performance Driven

We are inspired to improve operational, clinical, and data performance across the healthcare industry

Proprietary Technology

Accumen technology enables real-time data to provide actionable insights that drive efficiency improvements in healthcare

Unmatched Expertise

We have unmatched expertise both inside and outside of healthcare