3DR Labs - Your Virtual Lab Down the Hall

Through our enhanced protocols and guaranteed turnaround times, 3DR Labs delivers high quality 3D medical image post-processing. Our on-demand solution offers support when you need it most: no upfront fees, volume commitments, or subscription fees. 

To learn more about 3DR Labs’ services, access our collateral and resources below.

All About 3DR Labs

Get to know all about 3DR Labs’ service offerings in this quick two minute video. 

3D Post-Processing Services Overview

An overview of what makes 3DR Labs’ post-processing services unique. Some of these differentiators include access to experienced radiologic technologists as well as our ability to alleviate staff training and shortage concerns. Learn more today.

3DR Labs' Cardiac Offerings

With extensive experience in cardiac anatomy, disease processes, and image evaluation, our Cardiac Center of Excellence specializes in processing the most technologically advanced cardiac imaging procedures. 

Please see flyer for a full list of our CT and MR cardiac exams. 

Cardiac Center of Excellence

Cardiac CT and MRI are fast becoming the front-line tools for the evaluation and management of cardiac disease. Learn more about 3DR’s Cardiac Center of Excellence.

Advanced Cardiac Imaging Demand is Increasing—Are You Ready?

It’s time for imaging departments to prepare for a significant increase in demand for advanced cardiac imaging. Does your imaging department have the resources and skills necessary to meet the need? Find out in this white paper authored by our 3DR Labs Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Falk.

Artificial Intelligence Partners

As advancements in artificial intelligence continue, imaging departments are under pressure to keep pace. See how 3DR Labs provides AI-enabled products to support imaging departments with the ever-growing AI demand.