Coronary Imaging

Reconstructions provide an overview of coronary anatomy with segmented vessel analysis, and curved planar reformats of each coronary artery. Coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG) and stents are evaluated postoperatively to evaluate lumen patency. ​

4D Imaging

Functional analysis utilizes the gated cardiac study to produce 4D imaging of the beating heart. Quantification of stroke volume, ejection fraction, wall motion, and wall thickening provide a comprehensive overview of the heart function. ​

Calcium Scoring

3DR Labs utilizes post-processing software to quantify calcification in the coronary arteries that could be indicative of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

MR Cardiac

Using the Medis and Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (cvi42) solutions, 3DR Labs will quantify and provide reports for MR Cardiac Functional Analysis. 3DR Labs Technologists manually create contours using the ED/ES datasets from the MR cardiac procedure. By defining such contours, left and right ventricular ejection fraction can be calculated. 3DR Labs also performs velocity encoding phase contrast studies for many different anatomic regions including the pulmonary artery and aorta. The mean flow velocity and flow volume graphs are also created.

Advanced MR Cardiac

3DR Labs provides 4D Flow processing, a specialized MRI sequence used in the high speed acquisition of blood flow data. Advanced visualization including velocity vector, velocity map, path line, and streamline visualization are available. Planar flow analysis including peak velocity, net flow, and regurgitation. ​

Electrophysiology Planning (EP)

Electrophysiology Planning (EP) for left atrial ablation has become a widely used treatment to correct this potentially life-threatening arrhythmia. 3DR Labs Technologists provide left atrial views to provide a clear understanding of how the pulmonary veins branch from the left atrium. Additional reconstructions of the ostia diameter and distance from the left atrium to the first branch reduce the likelihood of ablating too distally.

Transaortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

3DR Labs provides advanced visualization and measurements for aortic stenosis. Post-processing is completed prior to undergoing the TAVR procedure.