CTA & MRA Carotid & Circle of Willis

Cerebral vasculature is displayed in both MIP views and segmented volume rendered images. Technologists manually create Curved Planar Reformats by plotting points through the center of the lumen. When carotid stenosis is present, the technologist will follow the NASCET criteria in order to quantify the percentage of occlusion within the internal carotid artery. Aneurysm snapshots can also be provided, when present.

Code Stroke

3DR provides advanced visualization for the evaluation of stroke patients. Carotid and Circle of Willis protocols are designed to return post-processing within a 30-minute timeframe for quick diagnosis and evaluation.


Protocols will provide colormaps and ROI’s for each level, to assess cerebral ischemia and penumbra for optimum treatment.

Venous Neuro

CTV studies are processed to demonstrate the venous cerebral anatomy.  Processing can identify thrombosis, venous infarcts, tumor invasion, and meningioma.