3DR Labs Post-Processing

An overview of what makes 3DR Labs’ post-processing services unique. Some of these differentiators include access to experienced radiologic technologists as well as our ability to alleviate staff training and shortage concerns. Learn more today.

Cardiac Center of Excellence

Cardiac CT and MRI are fast becoming the front-line tools for the evaluation and management of cardiac disease. Learn more about the 3DR’s Cardiac Center of Excellence.

Artificial Intelligence

As advancements in artificial intelligence continue, imaging departments are under pressure to keep pace. See how 3DR Labs provides AI-enabled products to support imaging departments with the ever-growing AI demand.

Imaging Excellence
Advisory Services (IEAS)

Our expert imaging advisors can provide creative, practical, sustainable solutions even for your most difficult department challenges. Click below to see how IEAS can help your department.

Client Testimonial: Advisory Services

3DR Labs’ Imaging Excellence Advisory Services worked on behalf of Glassbeam to support Gateway Diagnostic Imaging. Listen to the client testimonial to learn how our team identified improvement opportunities through analysis of Glassbeam’s data analytics solution.

Webinar: Time is Money: Rightsourcing Your CT/MRI Post-Processing

Learn how imaging departments are moving Technologists back to the scanner to immediately impact workflow and ROI.

Increase in CCTA exams expected to mirror TAVR growth trend

A steady increase in the volume of coronary CT angiography (CCTA) exams is occurring, especially at mid- to high-level community hospitals across the country. In fact, a review we conducted in August showed a 44% increase in CCTA cases over 12 months. 

Learn more in this co-authored Aunt Minnie article by Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rob Falk, and Director of Operations, Stephanie Hosbrook.

Empowering Radiologists with Accuracy and Time

We are proud to Riverain Technologies and offer ClearRead CT, which provides an unimpaired view of the chest by suppressing vessels and machine noise to detect lung disease more easily and efficiently.

ClearRead CT:

  • Automatically detects nodules of all types (solid, part-solid, ground glass).
  • Can be used on every CT exam, regardless of the device or PACS manufacturer.
  • Is only applicable for patients 18 years or older and where the slice thickness is 3mm or less.

Transforming Patient Care Through Imaging AI

We are proud to partner with icometrix to provide you with access to the AI-based icobrain reports. 

icobrain enables you to better identify abnormalities and structural changes in patients suffering from:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke

Finding a Common Data Language for Radiology

How could language be the culprit? Misunderstandings, lack of clarity and confusion caused by simply not speaking the same language can lead to an unintended outcome while failing to provide the information needed to make informed decisions. 

This article is reprinted with permission from Imaging Technology News.

Hanging on a Heartbeat: Overcoming the Challenges of Interpreting Cardiac MRIs

3DR Labs’ Technical Manager, Lisa Pritchard, discusses cardiac MRI’s growing demand in a recent issue of Radiology Today. Read the article today.

Achieving Patient-Centered Care in Imaging

Patient-centered care involves much more than a patient’s experience. In the imaging space, patient experience/expectations, patient access, and operations all play a crucial role under the larger umbrella of patient-centered care. Learn more in this article authored by Director of Operational Excellence, Stefanie Manack, and Director of Imaging Excellence, Judy Zakutny. 

This article is reprinted with permission from HealthCare Business News.


Advanced Cardiac Imaging Demand is Increasing—Are You Ready?

It’s time for imaging departments to prepare for a significant increase in demand for advanced cardiac imaging. Does your imaging department have the resources and skills necessary to meet the need? Find out in this white paper authored by our 3DR Labs Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Falk. 

Managing to Succeed: Achieving Radiology Department Excellence

As you begin to consider how your imaging department may benefit from operational improvements, it’s essential to take a holistic approach, from the provider’s order all the way through the radiologist’s final report. Read more in Director of Imaging Excellence, Judy Zakutny’s, Radiology Today article. 

Reprinted with the permission of Radiology Today ©. Great Valley Publishing Co.


Using SMOG to Resolve Patient Communication Challenges in Imaging

Reducing your operational scheduling challenges, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing delays can be as simple as updating your patient facing communications for readability and comprehension using a simple readability tool. Learn more in this article authored by Director of Operational Excellence, Stefanie Manack.

This article is reprinted with permission from HealthCare Business News.


3DR Labs Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Robert Falk, MD

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