3DR Labs brings your Imaging Department capacity at a low cost and now offers…

AI infrastructure with no licensing fees, purchases or additional IT requirements

Deep into the COVID-19 pandemic, imaging departments are under pressure as procedure orders and volumes shift to meet new needs. As a result, backlogs of other work will begin to unfold as the curve flattens. 3DR Labs has subsequently been building the capacity to support Imaging Departments across the U.S. for these current and future needs, providing the necessary infrastructure and breadth of offerings to meet the needs of our clients.

As part of our commitment to continuing to make advanced imaging technology simple and affordable, 3DR Labs will be rolling out its first suite of artificial intelligence products over the next several months, ensuring we provide the most up-to-date AI solutions to our customers. Please see below for what is available now and what we will be unveiling in the very near future!

Resonance Health (FerriSmart) analyzes MRI images and delivers a liver iron quantification result within seconds. The technology allows liver iron concentrations to be monitored effectively and efficiently for individuals with confirmed or suspected systemic iron overload, patients with thalassemia or sickle cell anemia who require regular blood transfusions, and recipients of artificial heart valves who may experience an increase in systemic iron levels over time. 3DR Labs offers FerriSmart because it is the most accurate product on the market for liver iron quantification.

Imbio is a lung analysis software for evaluating patients with COPD, primarily used by pulmonologists and chest radiologists. Imbio analyzes chest CTs for regional lung function and is useful for pre-treatment planning or following progression of disease. Appropriate for CPT code 76376, making it cost-neutral.

Icometrix has created products for neurologists and neuroradiologists that provide quantitative brain analysis for several common diseases. Appropriate for CPT code 76376, making it cost-neutral.

  • Icobrain MS analyzes plaque load in patients with MS to provide a numerical score. MS patients typically get annual brain MRs to evaluate whether or not treatment is working. This is critical, as the drugs are expensive and have significant side effects. Radiologists struggle when comparing old and new scans because no two scans are identical for patient positioning. Icobrain MS gives neurologists and neuroradiologists a tangible, numerical score. Patients love this, too.
  • Icobrain DM is an automated product for the evaluation of dementia with tracking of regional brain atrophy over time.
  • Icobrain TBI is a product for evaluation of traumatic brain injury.