Imaging Excellence
Advisory Services

Solving your Imaging challenges with actionable insights and real results.

At 3DR Labs, we understand the operational challenges you face every day. That is why we have created our Imaging Excellence Advisory Services. Whether you need assistance determining solutions to your department’s challenges, or you have the solutions, but not the bandwidth – we can help.

Our advisors utilize real-world imaging expertise to provide creative, practical, and sustainable solutions to your
operational challenges, including:

Why Choose Us?

Proven Expertise

More than 50 years of relevant industry experience in solving complex Imaging department issues

Comprehensive Approach

Customized, realistic recommendations and sustainable solutions using quantitative and qualitative analysis

Highly Reliable Partner

Collaborative, unbiased expert insights with continued support throughout the project’s implementation

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What We Do

How We Do It

Expert Insights

We are your solution for expert insights, thorough analysis, and effective recommendations for your most challenging operational issues. With the continual pressure to maintain high operational standards with fewer resources, your time is valuable. Our imaging experts utilize an unbiased, objective perspective to solve your business and operational needs – enabling you to focus on the
day-to-day operations.

Our Background

*3DR is an independent organization and is not authorized by, sponsored by, or affiliated with The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, which is the owner of the trademark ARRT

Client Testimonial: Advisory Services

3DR Labs’ Imaging Excellence Advisory Services worked on behalf of Glassbeam to support Gateway Diagnostic Imaging. Listen to the client testimonial to learn how our team identified improvement opportunities through analysis of Glassbeam’s data analytics solution.

IEAS Leader

Judy Zakutny

Director of Imaging Excellence

Ashton Peregoy

Assistant Director of Business Development

Ashton Peregoy serves as 3DR Labs’ Assistant Director of Business Development. She has over 15 years of experience in the imaging industry, having worked on the patient care side, administering 3D post-processing, and managing client implementation. Her primary role includes selling and further developing customer utilization of 3DR’s post-processing solution as well as working closely with the Client Experience Team to cultivate organic growth of 3DR’s services. 

Ashton earned her Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration from Midway University and holds an Associate in Applied Science in Medical Imaging. She received her certificate in volumetric medical imaging and is an ARRT® certified and registered Radiology Technologist. She is dedicated to impacting healthcare by bringing high-quality advanced visualization to radiology departments across the country.